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  1. On this episode of the Soul of Christianity, Debi and Dan chat with Paul Ralph of “the ideas cafe” based in Holland Landing, Ontario, Canada. Paul has a way with words and has a story of faith and personal struggles that you don’t want to miss.
  2. Stories like Onoda’s offer an interesting parallel to our life in the Gospel.
  3. Perhaps best known for his “wager,” Pascal is often associated with this curious argument for the existence of God and eternal blessedness.
  4. All family trees and genealogies reveal awkward knots and twists. But through the root of Jesse, and the line of Israel, came Jesus to offer us a new name.
  5. On account of God’s graciousness in Jesus, we are the ones who don’t do anything
  6. Despite the death all around us, the death that is assured us, we know there is a way out.
  7. All of these episodes should be personal, to some extent. After all, these aren't static, other-worldly doctrines but we are dealing with the message of life itself. But there is something especially personal about taking the whole theological enterprise and focusing it on your own particular problem: sin. And not abstract sin, but the real stuff.