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  1. Christ in All of the Scriptures: Grace Upon Grace
  2. What do Habakkuk and Israel have? Nothing but the word of God. Nothing but the promise of God. Nothing but God himself.
  3. Chad explains the context and background of Psalm 52 and explores the destructive power of the tongue. The Psalm.
  4. The first section of Psalm 44 teaches about the life of the redeemed.
  5. God's Extraordinary Grace for Ordinary Men
  6. From the junkyard of my past, I assembled the scrap metal of self-preservation, self-righteousness, and unalloyed selfishness, to weld together a hollow divinity. In its core, I stuffed myself: a god without divinity, offering forgiveness with conditions, to sinners without love.
  7. There is a repentance that is anti-repentance, for it clings tightly to the sin over which it sorrows, because in that sorrow is its consolation. In this warped spiritual scheme, our anguish is atonement; shame is our absolution; tears are our baptism. We feel better knowing how bad we feel about our wrongs. But there is a much better way.
  8. Far from being a Savior, the god of Unchristianity is a coach who whips us into moral shape, inspires us to be better people, serves as our example. The unspoken goal is to be so virtuous and free of sin that we don’t need Jesus anymore. The transaction is complete. Jesus is unemployed.
  9. God’s Scandalous Grace in the Old Testament

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