TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (1231)
  1. Our comfort in this seemingly endless age of crisis after crisis is the inexhaustible hope of Jesus’s reversal.
  2. On Saturday, July 16, Luke Gabriel Bird died in a hiking accident in Chile. He was a midshipman in the United States Naval Academy. He is our son. Here are some reflections on his life, his faith, and his Lord.
  3. Bible Hour Speaker
  4. Vilification of the other is married to the justification of the self.
  5. Fear and great joy at Jesus' resurrection! But also rejection and refusal.
  6. The Christ Key: Renewal and Re-Genesis in the Messiah
  7. Jesus does not take the easy way out, but takes the hard path so that you don't need to.
  8. The irony of guilt and innocence abounds in this passage: Jesus is innocent but condemned; we are guilty but set free.
  9. Jesus and the Parables
  10. Judas, Peter, and you are all betrayers of Jesus, and yet He does the work necessary to forgive your sins.

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