TOPIC INDEXJesus Christ (69)
  1. The curse falls upon those whose faith is Christ-less. Craig and Troy wrestle with the illustration of the fig tree.
  2. "Meek and mild" Jesus goes righteous rage on those who would turn a buck on what God would freely give.
  3. Here's the king, but where's his crown? Craig and Troy discuss the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.
  4. The problem isn't your stuff, and it isn't your efforts. The problem is YOU. With God, even your salvation is possible, but on your own you're toast.
  5. It seems like the Pharisees have marriage issues, but the real issue is the question "why do those who say they love the Law want to create loopholes to get around it?"
  6. Mary is blessed, because Mary knows the way God works and because she knows His promises, and she knows that in her womb grows her savior.
  7. What is Christmas all about? It's inconceivable, but nevertheless about Christ being conceived. The word of God was promised, and that promise was Jesus.
  8. What does it mean to become a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Pride and earthly strength compete with Christlike humility.
  9. "You have little faith" really just means "You think you have a small Jesus." What Jesus promises He is able to do.
  10. "Take up your cross and follow me" . . . what does this mean?
  11. The confession of Jesus as the Christ is the firm foundation of the Church. Even as Peter was called blessed in confessing this, so too are we.
  12. In the constant search for new and novel experiences, are we forsaking the simple word of God? Beware of the leaven of novelty.

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