1. We need to remember that we belong to God by Grace Alone. It’s not by our best works. Not by the sweat of our brow, it’s not even by our best attempts to repent.
  2. Throughout the Gospels there is no quality more closely identified by Jesus with the life of His people than humility which echoes His own.
  3. Our very lives as parents and children implicitly proclaim this higher and lovely truth: we have no value to God based upon our usefulness.
  4. By pouring out his life unto death, Jesus reverses our death.
  5. Contrary to what pop-psychology, social media memes, and your sweet grandmother told you, you are not fine just the way you are.
  6. It’s no wonder we’re so attached to images; we are one. We are human hyphens between the celestial and the terrestrial.
  7. The soles of the holy feet of God traverse the soil of the holy land of promise.