1. That's how true faith talks. It doesn't talk about itself. It says "Thank you!" to the one who gives healing and salvation.
  2. God leads us to the refuge that’s more secure and safe than any man-made thing, more than anything we own, more than anything that owns us.
  3. Trusting Jesus, worshipping our Christ, and praising him, we have the blessing of God so that we can give thanks with a grateful heart for everything he gives to us today and always.
  4. Even as children of God, we have down days. That’s just a fact of being sinful and living in an evil world.
  5. In Christ Jesus, through faith, we’ve received everything we need for our bodies and lives, and life eternal.
  6. True strength, wisdom, and understanding come to us from God. His Spirit gives us wisdom and understanding through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus.