1. As Christmas approaches, the Fellows take on a long time listener request to define our terms.
  2. Every doctrine of Christianity hinges on the person and work of Christ. Sit back,relax and grab a drink as the fellows talk about whats truth and whats heresy concerning Christ.
  3. On episode 5 of the Thinking Fellows, we talk about Justification. Find out why justification is the article upon which the Church stands or falls. Sit back, relax, and grab a drink as Drs. Rosenbladt, Keith and Francisco explore this foundational doctrine.
  4. During episode 4, the Thinking Fellows tackle the topic of God's Grace. Grace is an attitude on the part of God whereby He sees the unjust sinner as just, on account of Christ alone.
  5. Sinner: I see. I see for the first time. It’s clear to me. You died for me and for my sin. You took my verdict. God: I did.