1. Grace remits sin, and peace quiets the conscience. Sin and conscience torment us, but Christ has overcome these fiends now and forever.
  2. The night has passed and the day broken. In response to the morning dawn, birds sing, beasts arouse themselves and all humanity arises.
  3. Christ strikes a blow first against the presumption of those who would storm their way into heaven by their good works.
  4. The kingdom of Christ consists in finding all our praise and boast in grace. Other works should be free, not to be urged, nor should we wish by them to become Christians, but condescend with them to our neighbor.
  5. Good works do not make a Christian, do not secure the grace of God and blot out our sins, they do not merit heaven.
  6. It is impossible to obtain grace and the forgiveness of sins in any other way, manner, or measure than by hearing the Word of God about Christ and by receiving it through faith.
  7. Christians have the rare faculty, above all other people on earth, of knowing where to place their care, while others vex and torture themselves and at length must despair.
  8. A truly Christian work is it that we descend and get mixed up in the mire of the sinner, taking his sin upon ourselves and floundering out of it with him, not acting otherwise than as if his sin were our own.
  9. Christ presents to us such liberty, so that we as Christians according to our faith may tolerate no other master, but only hold that we are baptized and called unto Christ, and through him have become justified and sanctified.
  10. I venture to assert I have never read, in the entire Scriptures, words more beautifully expressive of the grace of God than these two children words.
  11. The kingdom of Christ is realized where nothing but comfort and the forgiveness of sins reign not only in words to proclaim it, which is also necessary; but also in deed.