1. This is an excerpt from “All Charges Dropped! Devotional Narratives from Earthly Courtrooms to the Throne of Grace,” written by Haroldo Camacho (1517 Publishing, 2022).
  2. Jesus did not need a single act of mercy to get him started on the road to mercy, his essence was by nature merciful.
  3. Even though the horn of plenty on our table is there as the fruit of our labor, that is also a gift of God’s grace
  4. We’ve become experts at making deals with God.
  5. Today, by faith, we live free from condemnation, free from the fear of death, free from all slander the devil could whisper and scatter about us. In Him we have a new family, the family of the forgiven.
  6. The history of the early Reformation in the New World is both a tale of pirates and the battle of catechisms.