1. Love turns out to be not simply a thing or action, but a characteristic of God himself.
  2. Preaching is the first line of defense and catechetical offensive against these corrosive falsehoods.
  3. The “Word” isn’t a thing, it is a person, the Son of the Father, who with the Holy Spirit is one God.
  4. The church does well to remind the world that God is unmasked, indeed, that God has unmasked himself in the person of Jesus.
  5. Throughout the Gospels there is no quality more closely identified by Jesus with the life of His people than humility which echoes His own.
  6. Peter’s monumental sermon on Pentecost declares the kingdom purposes and divine saving work of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which culminate in the new world order with Christ in charge, governing in the power of the Spirit.
  7. It is through the locatedness of the Church that one anchors faith in Christ and the sure hope we are not alone, and God is for us and with us through Jesus.