1. The love mentioned in 1 John 4:15-21 fourteen times (!) is a love that needs no apology but is determined at all times to sacrifice for the other.
  2. Saturday AM Study
  3. School Retreat
  4. Stubborn Faith: Holding God to His Word
  5. God daily broadsides us with his abundant power and glory as we observe nature around us. And yet, as glorious as this book of nature is, it is not enough.
  6. God isn’t fooled by our fake piety. He would rather have us venting honestly than faking it.
  7. I love apologetics, the art, and science of defending the Christian faith. I love talking about all the philosophical arguments for the existence of God with my skeptical friends.
  8. I have found that if I want to get people talking (especially guys), all I have to do is ask them about their father.
  9. Over the last few weeks it’s been painful and disappointing to hear the stories of victims that have been abused and assaulted by powerful celebrities, executives, and politicians.