1. We can appreciate what we have received from God, we can receive it all as free gift, but only when we stop investing in fool's gold.
  2. Our value and our values, our life, our everything is from Jesus Christ given to us as a gift.
  3. Our hope is God's mercy. It's like a well that never dries up. His mercies were there before he created us. They are present for us today.
  4. God's power and works are awesome and cannot be stifled. His grace and mercy will be heard above the growls and howls of those who deny Christ Jesus is God and Savior
  5. With Jesus, troubles and sorrows, problems and worries, heartbreak and mourning are gathered up like left-over crumbs from a feast marking the celebration of victory over the enemy's forces.
  6. God leads us to the refuge that’s more secure and safe than any man-made thing, more than anything we own, more than anything that owns us.
  7. It’s God’s love that sets us free to love in the first place.
  8. Our ears are opened by the Spirit through the word. Then, faith in Christ is present in us.
  9. As a parent listens for the cry of a hurting child, our heavenly Father waits for our cry of weal and woe.
  10. For God to shine his face upon us is the same as saying, “Christ Jesus is with us.”
  11. God's justice is marked and measured by sacrificial love, not power as the world defines it.
  12. Unlike human marriage, which is marred by sin, Jesus never seeks to divorce us due to irreconcilable differences.

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