1. The following is an excerpt from “The Christian Life: Cross or Glory” written by Steven A. Hein (1517 Publishing, 2015).
  2. Maybe for the first time you can begin to receive creation as a gift, a sheer gift from God’s hands. And who knows what might happen in the power of this grace? All possibilities are open.
  3. There is no justification except by faith alone. The radical forgiveness itself puts the old to death and calls forth the new.
  4. The law does not end sin, does not make new beings, it only makes matters worse.
  5. Here’s a little “devotional” for you; some thoughts on Law and Gospel from Gerhard Forde. Drink deep, drink full. These are rich streams of thought.
  6. “Whatever you do, don’t share the Gospel with me?” Those were my exact words to my slightly mystified seminary professor. As he set his coffee down, I could tell that he was holding back in an effort to allow me to process what I was thinking.
  7. Caleb Keith is once again joined by Drs. Jim Nestingen and John Pless for a special recording in Bergen Norway.
  8. Due to a listener request, Caleb and Dr. Keith dive into the Theology of the Cross via Forde's On Being a Theologian of the Cross.