1. Scott and Caleb are joined by Paul Koch to talk about why conversations and attention to fatherhood and friendship is important.
  2. What greater friend could we have than Jesus?
  3. Bonhoeffer’s simple little book makes clear how privileged many of us are to enjoy the Communion of the Saints here on earth.
  4. Dangerous Friendships
  5. Grace & Friendship
  6. Friends 4 Life - Women's Retreat
  7. Jonathan saw in David a reflection of who he himself was. This recognition pulled him outside himself and bound him to another.
  8. Dr. Scott Keith and Caleb Keith sit down and talk about Scott’s latest book, titled, Where Two or Three Are Gathered.
  9. Dangerous Friendships
  10. Friends are a gift from God, but all gifts flow from God to his children because of his love for us on account of Christ.
  11. The following is an excerpt from“Where Two or Three Are Gathered” edited by Scott Keith (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  12. Dangerous Friendships

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