1. I want the beginning of my funeral to be focused on Jesus, as well as the middle, the end, and every point in between.
  2. Death is never natural. Death is abnormal. Death is not human. Death is the enemy.
  3. The only churches that live are churches that have died. That still die. And that rise to newness of life in Christ’s life alone.
  4. For every child in a mother’s womb, the whole host of heaven and earth, indeed God himself, intercedes.
  5. The only recourse we have is to die before we die. To give up on a fake-life. To acknowledge that this stupid, selfish game we’re playing with our immortality projects has zero success.
  6. There are many funeral songs I wouldn’t be caught dead singing. Why? Because my funeral will not be about me.
  7. I have my list. It may seem strange to you, but, when I think about my own death, I often think in terms of positive failures.
  8. The Lord has a special place in his heart for those whom the world forgets. For the anonymous. For the rejected.
  9. O bloody town of Bethlehem, How shrill we hear thee cry. Your mothers shriek while fathers weep The graveyard lullaby.
  10. I stumbled down labyrinthine paths, crawled in and out of cavernous pits, got lost a million times, and somehow ended up a little farther down the road to healing. Yet in all those crooked lines I see the hand of God writing straight.
  11. If Abel’s blood is spilled all over the ground or if a mere speck had been lodged in the fabric of Cain’s shirt, that blood cries out. It has a voice and it will speak to whomever is willing to listen.
  12. The pastor put a hand over my mouth, another between my shoulder blades, and backward I fell into the dark waters, buried beneath Noah's flood, the Red Sea, Jordan's stream, all the way down into a borrowed tomb outside Jerusalem where a crucified man lay waiting for me.

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