1. There is a paradox between the reality of you always taking comfort in your salvation and you nevertheless being able to reject the faith.
  2. Just a brief, pastoral word from Craig and Troy regarding viruses, illness, love, faith, and keeping Christ before you eyes. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast and give us a great review on iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts! Email us: ForYouRadio@1517.org www.1517.org/foryou St. James Lutheran Church www.stjameslcms.church St. Peter's Lutheran Church www.Stpeterslc.org
  3. When our friends are suffering, how should we comfort them? Craig and Troy discuss things NOT to say, and in the end discover just Who was sent to comfort us, and how He does it.
  4. We’d like to say that Craig and Troy wrestle with the teaching of election, but actually, it’s no struggle at all. The promises of God are freely given to all in Christ, and the elect are those who are in Him. He alone is our security.