1. Walk Like An Augustinian. In this episode, we discuss preaching while reading Augustine’s, On Christian Teaching, where he explains the importance of heavenly wisdom, eloquence, and getting out of the way of God’s Word.
  2. Who Controls Baptism? In this episode, we discuss the baptismal controversy in the early church. Cyprian, Novation, and a whole cloud of witnesses join us on the podcast this week.
  3. Riley Suffers An Aneurysm.  In this episode, we discuss the topic of the will while reading Anselm’s treatise on free will and its ramifications for faith, piety, and pastoral care.
  4. Is It Too Early for Jesus’ Birth? In this episode, we read excerpts from various early church fathers on Jesus’ birth, with a heavy emphasis on the historicity of God’s incarnation. What part did earthly signs play in announcing Jesus’ birth? Why did it matter to the early fathers that God was born on an actual day, in an actual place, at an actual time? Do we at the present place the same emphasis as the early fathers on Jesus’ birth?
  5. Ted Just Admit It! He’s Always Been The Lamb. In this episode, we discuss Irenaeus’ Proof of Apostolic Preaching and what he has to say to those who make a show of faith but deny the incarnation of the Son according to the witness of Scripture.
  6. God Has No Skin in The Game? In this episode, we discuss Tertullian’s argument against Marcion about God’s being born flesh and blood in his treatise, On The Flesh of Christ. What’s at stake when well-meaning Christians disembody God and, consequently, Christians?
  7. The Stuff That Heresies Are Made Of. In this episode, we discuss Ireneaus’ attack on the Marcionite and Gnostic heresies, which sought to divide Christ’s two natures, and the ramifications of this teaching for the churches today.
  8. Blind Faith Is Worthless Unless It’s Blind Faith in Us. In this episode, we discuss Augustine’s Confessions, specifically Augustine’s reflection on the Manichaeans and the effect God’s Word had on his conversion to Christianity.
  9. There's Something About Mary — Gillespie and Riley dive deep into an early church argument about Mary, why a bishop named Nestorius, and Mohammed, rejected the virgin birth, and why it's important to discuss the topic today.
  10. Fat Camels and Catchy Songs — Gillespie and Riley finish their reading of John of Damascus’ critique of Islam, then jump into the writings of Arius to better understand the foundation of Islam and modern American Christianity.
  11. An enthusiast came in here looking for you — real God and country-type. I don't know. Might further the plot? Gillespie and Riley read and discuss John of Damascus again this week. What’s an enthusiast? Why are footnotes important? How do Aphrodite, Arius, and a Nestorian monk lay the foundation for Islam?
  12. God’s prophet? Inconceivable! Gillespie and Riley read and discuss the work of John of Damascus which explains why Islam is a Christian heresy.