1. This Too Shall Pass. In this episode, we discuss temporary and eternal things, transfiguration, cosmic events, dancing on the liminal edge, mammon, profiteering, earthly vocations, the Trinity, and the music of the spheres.
  2. Dear Prudence. In this episode, we focus our discussion on prudence, temperance, and modesty regarding church, marriage, public discourse, and social media while reading Gregory of Nazianzus’ letters to Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa about their doctrine of the Holy Spirit and Basil's later death.
  3. Get Down Manna. In this episode, we discuss manna, the incarnation, liturgy, Christian life, materialism, techno-authoritarianism, modern feminism, divine election, hierarchy and authority, unity in multiplicity, and the power of God’s Word, all while reading The Life of Moses by St. Gregory of Nyssa.
  4. Break on Through (To The Other Side). In this episode, we discuss creation, the eating of forbidden fruit, cosmology, the meaning of things, Jesus clearing the way for us to enter back into paradise, and how the Bible ends up changing culture by translating God’s Word into the vernacular while reading The Hexameron of Basil the Great as preached by Aelfric.
  5. Passion. In this episode, we read Irenaeus on Christ’s passion and discuss Holy Week, the consequences of following Christ, what happens when things lack clear definition, and the consequences for the Church.
  6. Plug In, Baby. In this episode, we read St. Ambrose’s work, On the Mysteries, enjoying his exegesis and defense of the body and blood of Jesus. We also discuss recognizing patterns in the Bible, testing the spirits who want to separate out the heavenly from the earthly, and the importance of symbol and meaning for Christian comfort.
  7. Let’s Get Weird. This episode discusses Cyril of Jerusalem’s mystagogical catechesis, especially the Lord’s Supper. We converse about the biblical patterns of the sacraments, anointing, and the higher truth about Jesus as bread from heaven.
  8. Hey, You Guys! In this episode, we discuss the dominant spirit of our age, acedia, by reading and discussing St. John Cassian’s exposition of acedia in The Institutes.
  9. There’s Power in the Blood. In this episode, we read a homily on John’s Gospel, the power of Christ’s blood, and a whole lot of symbolism in John Chrysostom’s exegesis.
  10. We Need More Mother’s Milk & Pomegranate Seeds. In this episode of Banned Books, we discuss the Song of Songs and read the seventh-century monk, Bede, who takes us on a wild ride through the text; we converse about exegesis, cosmology, the church, why the meaning of words matters, how to read the Bible like an early medieval theologian, and why the story about Jesus changes the world.
  11. In this episode, the Thinking Fellows discuss the idea of orthodoxy. What does it mean to be orthodox or to have an orthodox faith?
  12. Walk Like An Augustinian. In this episode, we discuss preaching while reading Augustine’s, On Christian Teaching, where he explains the importance of heavenly wisdom, eloquence, and getting out of the way of God’s Word.

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