1. . . . to which Jesus answers, "Why? What have you heard?" Jesus challenges all the doubts about Himself and demands we believe in who He truly is.
  2. We wanted to spend just a few minutes answering For You Crew questions, but as usual got carried away. Listen as Craig and Troy spitball on the question of Bible translations and specifically on the King James Version.
  3. Like the Israelites of old, Naomi enters into the Promised Land, but she does so grumbling with bitterness. Is she wrong to blame God? What is God doing?
  4. For the Galatians, adding circumcision to their faith in Jesus was their confidence. But adding anything to Jesus gets you nothing.
  5. Pastor Paul is perplexed over the presumptiveness of people of a pugnacious persuasion who consider themselves to be in a position to pass over the Gospel.
  6. Paul's genesis as an apostle is established by Christ, not by man. Therefore, the gospel Paul preaches can be trusted to be the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. As Craig and Troy crack open the book of Galatians, Saul the Christ-hater becomes Paul the one sent by Christ. He knows what gospel is, so why have the Galatians forgotten?
  8. In this case, "apology" means never having to say "I'm sorry." Dr. Scott Keith and Caleb Keith of 1517.org and The Thinking Fellows podcast join Craig and Troy as they discuss defending the authority of Scripture.