1. David and Adam begin their series on the various arguments for (and reasons to believe in) God’s existence.
  2. David and Adam discuss how reason’s competence (with respect to the Christian tradition) has changed over the centuries.
  3. What is fideism? David and Adam define fideism and discuss its problematic place in the epistemology of much contemporary Christian thought.
  4. David and Adam bring some nuance to the issues surrounding faith and reason by discussing the different ways the terms are used (and misused) in academic and popular discourse.
  5. In view of recent news events, Kelsi has Adam Francisco on to the theological implications of the existence of aliens and UAPs.
  6. What is "apologetics," anyway? How can the Christian utilize apologetics in their witness of Jesus Christ? Apologist Adam Francisco returns to show Craig and Troy how apologetics--while not the silver bullet of witnessing--can be properly used to help overcome an unbeliever's objections to the faith.
  7. Well that was a click-baitey title, wasn't it? But here's what we mean: Lutheran theologian and apologist Adam Francisco joins Craig and Troy as we discuss the importance of the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  8. The Gospel for a Secular Age - Apologetics Seminar
  9. Caleb and Adam talk about the utility and necessity of apologetics.
  10. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorenson to talk about reading the New Testament.

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