1. What does it mean to steal? God gives the gift of property to us and to our neighbors, and we have both the expectation and the joy of helping them to protect what He has given. Craig and Troy tumble down the rabbit hole of the seventh commandment, "You shall not steal."
  2. So, let's be frank: sexual sin abounds. The temptation and desire to sin is everywhere in our world.
  3. The fifth commandment instructs us on the value of all human life and our responsibility to protect it.
  4. We are called to serve all people, but especially those that are in authority over us.
  5. "Remember the Sabbath day" . . . but what does that mean? Shall we rest from our labors, because God rested from His?
  6. Okay well . . . not really. But what do you owe your pastor? Craig and Troy begin a new series on the Table of Duties.