1. Today is Pastor Bo Giertz birthday. This is an excerpt from Bo Giertz’ novel, With My Own Eyes, translated by Bror Erickson (1517 Publishing, 2017).
  2. Adults of All Ages Camp
  3. Faith Alone
  4. Say Hello to My Little Church! In this episode, we discuss Christ’s church and all its vagaries and particularities as expressed in Bo Giertz’s book, Christ’s Church.
  5. For all his theological and literary works, Giertz was always a preacher at heart. He recognized the pulpit was the perpetual fount of the Church’s faith.
  6. Bo Giertz Fiction Study
  7. History won’t judge us, Jesus will. We already have his judgment. He gave it to us from the cross, where he acquitted us with his death.
  8. What I like about Giertz’s approach is the devotional nature of these commentaries. He’s a pastor concerned with what these texts have to say to us today.
  9. Bo Giertz and the Devotional Life of a Christian
  10. Bo Giertz attained infamy in Sweden for a humble adherence to unpopular, orthodox practice and doctrine.
  11. Bo Giertz
  12. Bo Giertz: His Theology, Writings, and Impact

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