1. We can rejoice in our own need and the gift we receive through baptism given by the same one by whom John desired to be baptized.
  2. The focus of 1 Peter on baptism is one that has puzzled many people.
  3. Season eight of the Game of Thrones has begun. It's the long-awaited finale, the end of the story we have all long been eagerly waiting for even as we fear the impending winter.
  4. There is a mirror that we Christians look into with daily repentance.
  5. If we are saved by faith, if it is by faith that we have life in His name, what do the sacraments have to do with it? The answer is: everything.
  6. The arrangement was made with Abraham when God claimed for Himself all of his being, and put the seal of His promise upon the most personal member of his anatomy.
  7. It is worthwhile because Jesus Christ gave baptism to His disciples as a means for making disciples after He had suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified died and buried and rose again on the third day.