This is the kind of interview that could have been 4 hours and ranged from everything from ethics to REM to “virtue signaling” and Bob Dylan. David Zahl is the founder of Mockingbird Ministries which does some of the kind of stuff we like to do here at Virtue in the Wasteland, in fact, we like to think of them as our more distinguished East Coast colleagues. And so, when we were planning our trip through the South we made sure we stopped by Charlottesville, VA to the headquarters of Mockingbird to meet up with our good pal, Dave Zahl. You can find Mockingbird HERE and check out below to link to Dave’s new book, Seculosity as well as a few of his other works (after you pre-order Seculosity, buy and read “A Mess of Help…” if you’ve ever wondered what a mashup of Chuck Klosterman and Robert Capon might read like)