The Thinking Fellows
The Thinking Fellows is a 45 minute audio program published weekly across a host of podcasting platforms. It is hosted by Caleb Keith and Drs. Rod Rosenbladt, Scott Keith, and Adam Francisco. The Thinking Fellows shares the Gospel message by recording lay-level conversations about Christian doctrine, apologetics, and church history.
  1. Caleb, Scott, and Adam are joined by John Hoyum to talk about how churches across the world read and preach the Bible.
  2. The Thinking Fellows discuss and describe the things they are thankful for this year.
  3. The Thinking Fellows comment on Psalm 146.
  4. The Fellows discuss the purpose and place of literary apologetics.
  5. In this episode, The Thinking Fellows address the idea that the Reformation is not worthy of celebration but is lamentable.
  6. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Jack Kilcrease to discuss the centrality and importance of the doctrine of the Word.
  7. Christians today need to realize that they live in a secular age.
  8. Caleb, Scott, and Adam discuss World War I and World War II. How did these wars shape the society and culture we live in today?
  9. Caleb, Scott, and Adam discuss the idea of challenging and complex tasks.