The Thinking Fellows
The Thinking Fellows is a 45-minute podcast about theology, philosophy, Christian history, and apologetics. It is hosted by Scott Keith, Caleb Keith, Adam Francisco, and Bruce Hilman. The Thinking Fellows bring high-level subject matters to fun and insightful lay-level conversations each week.
  1. In the cultural debate over God's existence, should the burden of proof rest on atheism rather than theism?
  2. Caleb, Adam, and Bruce revisit the relationship between faith and reason.
  3. Over the last several weeks, the news has been abuzz with UFOs.
  4. How does the Christian faith interact with culture?
  5. Scott Keith, Caleb Keith, Adam Francisco, and Bruce Hillman discuss the final book in The Lord of the Rings series.
  6. Scott Keith, Adam Francisco, Caleb Keith, and Bruce Hilman discuss the second book in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  7. Caleb Keith and Scott Keith join Steven Paulson and Ken Jones to remember their mentor Jim Nestingen.
  8. The Thinking Fellows discuss memorable parts of 2022 and look forward to 2023.