Outlaw God
The Outlaw God podcast is about moving from theological speculation to proclamation. Featuring Dr. Steven Paulson and co-hosted by Caleb Keith.
  1. Dr. Paulson explores another violent metaphor from Luther, the arrow of conviction.
  2. Dr. Paulson continues his conversation on the painful awareness.
  3. What happens when the knowledge of the Law doesn't bring power?
  4. Dr. Paulson explores Luther's rebuttal of the adage "Knowledge is Power."
  5. Following Augustine's proposition that prayer can lead to a cooperative relationship between God's will and man's, Paulson, the alternative prayer that Luther highlights with the petition "Thy will be done."
  6. In this episode, Dr. Paulson proclaims the defeat of sin, death, and the devil.
  7. Dr. Paulson takes a deep dive into the death of Christ and its purpose in God's redemption of sinners.
  8. In this episode, Paulson discusses Peter Lombard.
  9. Dr. Paulson discusses Augustine's turn toward a Law that does not accuse.
  10. For the next several episodes, Dr. Paulson will focus on Augustine.