Hidden Streams
Hidden Streams, is a devotion and study of the Psalms. With music produced by John Schreiner and devotions written by Chad Bird.
  1. The second half of Psalm 89 takes a turn from promise to ruin.
  2. In part 1 of Psalm 89, we hear of David wanting to build a house for the Lord to dwell, but God has bigger plans, and makes a promise to David that from his lineage will come the Messiah of the world.
  3. Psalm 5 is a prayer that orients us as we start our day. Knowing that in the morning "You will hear my voice".
  4. Life can get so complicated, so full of mind numbing details and various pains that it's easy to wish we lived in a simpler time.
  5. Do you ever wonder if God thinks His plan is worth all of the suffering that His son went through on our behalf?
  6. As we finish Advent and celebrate Christmas, we remember that we are still waiting in hope for the return of our Savior.
  7. Who can ascend the holy mountain? Who can enter the gates of the eternal city?
  8. Psalm 50 is rebuke to those that either think they are too important, or they think God doesn't notice their acceptance of sin and hypocracy.
  9. In this episode Chad shows us that the problem of sin starts long before we are born, and the consequences are devastating.