Hidden Streams
Hidden Streams, is a devotion and study of the Psalms. With music produced by John Schreiner and devotions written by Chad Bird.
  1. Asking God to be gracious to me, because my enemies are trampling on me.
  2. The Psalm is written in the cave, referring to the time David was hiding from Saul and his soldiers.
  3. David states a very bold accusation that God has rejected and abandoned him. The land is quaking, shaking and full of tragedy.
  4. This Psalm describes the wicked and the arrogant thoughts and scenes of wicked preying upon the poor.
  5. A call for God to hear our cries, a call for the Good Shepherd to carry His people. Going down to the pit, a prayer that God rescue him, lest he end up stuck there forever.
  6. In Psalm 3, David is fleeing from Absalom, and many are saying there is no God that will save him.
  7. As this Psalm is set in the the time of the Babylonian exile, Chad Bird meditates on the types of exile we find in scripture and in our lives.
  8. There are times when we feel farther away from God than we used to be. This reminds us that even though we feel exiled, God is with us in our exile.
  9. Look away from me, that I may smile again. Rather than putting on a happy face, it might be better to honestly grieve during seasons of heartbrokenness.
  10. Psalm 13 is a story of sorrow and joy, confession and absolution, it declares that God has answered all our trouble.