Gretchen explains how she approaches teaching a group with the classical method, where three stages of learning get repeated over and over as our brains make new connections. These three stages are called the "trivium" and the stages are: grammar, logic, and rhetoric, or as Gretchen calls them: truth, connection, and growth.

For reference, the "5 Common Topics" of questions mentioned for the connection phase are:



-Relationship (Cause and Effect)


-Testimony/Authority (what is the source)

While one stage can be done by yourself, (just sitting and reading your Bible on your own) the other two stages are done within community of other people. Showing the design of God placing us within a church, we can see how Bible reading isn't just for our own edification, but for the edification of others.

They also talk about their love for Bible study curriculum, but what is actually necessary.

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