Gretchen and Katie both affirm male headship in the home, but how can that be twisted to put huge expectations on husbands to do certain things, a certain way? They talk about the common hesitation for women to teach their children, or even step forward in other areas of church life, because they're afraid they will be somehow getting ahead of their husbands, spiritually speaking.

Many women even feel either guilt or superiority if they study their Bibles more than their husbands. This can lead to them trying to figure out ways to manipulate or pressure their husbands to stay one step ahead of them, to somehow maintain his leadership. These invented expectations and pressures we put on our marriages can be so harmful.

This conversation comes down to the doctrine of vocation, and serving one another as co-laborers for the gospel. It's not a competition, and it's not a comparison. We are in this mission together.

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