For You
“What is the gospel?” responses continuously return to an inward-looking faith instead of a faith that clings externally to the astonishing mercy of Christ Jesus, who took the sin of the world into Himself on the cross and breathed out His life for and onto His creation.
  1. It's kind of like Peter's main job at this point is to be an example of what not to do. Praise God that Jesus is and does more than we can imagine. Special guest appearance by Producer Lou.
  2. "Take up your cross and follow me" . . . what does this mean?
  3. The confession of Jesus as the Christ is the firm foundation of the Church. Even as Peter was called blessed in confessing this, so too are we.
  4. In the constant search for new and novel experiences, are we forsaking the simple word of God? Beware of the leaven of novelty.
  5. Craig and Troy pick up where they left off last week and explore the spiritual meaning of the Reformation
  6. In honor of the upcoming Reformation Day, Craig and Troy discuss the history, background, and gospel importance of the Lutheran Reformation.
  7. Jesus came not only for the sheep, but apparently for the dogs as well. You won't believe what happens when she asks for a favor.
  8. Tradition in service of the gospel is good. Demanding the gospel serve tradition shows the filth of your heart.
  9. Jesus proves His divinity by not only being master over creation, but in being master of life and death. Peter proves both his faith and faithlessness by putting his eyes on Jesus and then immediately taking them back off.
  10. One one level, Jesus does an impressive work of feeding 5,000+ with just a few rolls and some fish. But on a deeper level, we see Jesus preparing the eternal feast for you.