For You
“What is the gospel?” responses continuously return to an inward-looking faith instead of a faith that clings externally to the astonishing mercy of Christ Jesus, who took the sin of the world into Himself on the cross and breathed out His life for and onto His creation.
  1. Craig and Troy discuss a very familiar parable which is very often interpreted incorrectly. Your works don't count. Oh, and substantival participles.
  2. When Christ comes, it won't be about what you've done, but about who He is.
  3. When will the end come? No one knows! So how can we be prepared?
  4. Is this the end? Or is it only 70 A.D.? Craig and Troy discuss the propehetic words of Jesus.
  5. When will the End Times come? Craig and Troy discuss Jesus' teaching that show the End Times are now . . . and have been now for the last 2000 years.
  6. On this Good Friday, we take a moment to pause and consider Christ's crucifixion and death . . . done for you.
  7. How are you to escape hell? Jesus sends prophets, but those who refuse to hear become guilty of their father's sin?
  8. "Meek and mild" Jesus continues His full-frontal attack on hypocrisy and hypocrites. Craig and Troy discuss six of Jesus' seven "woes."
  9. Jesus launches into a diatribe against the pride of the religious leaders of His day, and Craig and Troy discuss applications for our day.
  10. Bunny trails abound! But Craig and Troy nevertheless manage to land firmly on Christ.