For You
“What is the gospel?” responses continuously return to an inward-looking faith instead of a faith that clings externally to the astonishing mercy of Christ Jesus, who took the sin of the world into Himself on the cross and breathed out His life for and onto His creation.
  1. Professor and author John Pless extends his time with Craig and Troy as we go deeper with this notion of "vocation." What does God call us to in society? What does God call us to in our families? If I'm to serve my neighbor, how do I know who that is? Once again, John helps to keep the us practically centered on Jesus Christ.
  2. Professor and author John Pless joins Craig and Troy to discuss what God calls us to do in our everyday, ordinary lives. The theological name for this is "the doctrine of vocation," but John helps us to see how this is a practical and grace-centered teaching.