For You
“What is the gospel?” responses continuously return to an inward-looking faith instead of a faith that clings externally to the astonishing mercy of Christ Jesus, who took the sin of the world into Himself on the cross and breathed out His life for and onto His creation.
  1. Hold on . . . what just came out of your mouth? If it was the name of God, you better have been speaking a prayer. Craig and Troy talk about the wrong--and the right--uses of God's name.
  2. Who is God? What is God? What does it mean to have a god? What does God forbid in the 1st Commandment? Craig and Troy discuss what it means to fear, love, and trust in God above all things.
  3. What is the Law of God and what does it do? Craig and Troy the three uses of the law, what they are, and what their effect is.
  4. Craig and Troy finish up the short series on offenses given and received. Today they look at the offense of false teaching, and how the church should respond to it.
  5. Of course, "I'm offended" is shouted out on every corner of the internet, and we become immune to that claim. But what happens when there is genuine offense?
  6. Everyone, everywhere seems to be offended. What's worse, it seems that the first person to claim "I'm offended!" is the one who gets to win the argument.
  7. Christ is all over the Old Testament, this is true. But can we see Him even in the most vile places? At the request of a listener, Craig and Troy descend into the dark bowels and darker deeds of Judges 19, where they find the peace of Christ in the pieces of a concubine.
  8. What is "apologetics," anyway? How can the Christian utilize apologetics in their witness of Jesus Christ? Apologist Adam Francisco returns to show Craig and Troy how apologetics--while not the silver bullet of witnessing--can be properly used to help overcome an unbeliever's objections to the faith.
  9. Well that was a click-baitey title, wasn't it? But here's what we mean: Lutheran theologian and apologist Adam Francisco joins Craig and Troy as we discuss the importance of the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  10. Craig and Troy return to the Table of Duties and discuss the vocations of family. How does God expect a Godly man to operate in his family? What does He expect of the wife? What does He expect of the children?