Vocation and Human Flourishing

If we are saved by faith, not by works...then do our works matter?

In this episode Gretchen interviews Mike Berg, author of "Vocation: the Setting for Human Flourishing" and teacher of the free academy course, "Masks of God: The Lutheran Doctrine of Vocation."

We discuss how when we have the doctrine of justification established, we are reoriented--not to try to use our works to earn God's favor, but turned outward toward loving our neighbor.

We talk about various areas of vocation, from family, job, civic, and church, as well as how vocation extends to understanding the craft of a job--a job well done.

The doctrine of vocation even ties into human dignity, and how we treat others, and treat their work.

The next few weeks, we will continue to interview a few of the teachers of our free academy courses. These courses are great for individual, or even small group use. 1517 puts out such a variety of quality produced, free resources that we just wanted to make you aware of more of them.

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