Is America a Christian Nation?

In this episode, we bring on Dr. Dan van Voorhis, professor in the "History of Christianity in America" 1517 academy course, to talk to him about how our history affects our theology.

We talk about migration patterns in America, as different people groups emmigrate here throughout the centuries, and how different denominations affect each other regionally.

The circumstances of history often push the church to ask questions it wouldn't ask with such intensity otherwise: such as during Covid, when the church started asking the question: what is church, and why do we need it?

This facinating discussion is not long enough, but fortunately, his whole course on it is free, and available on the 1517 academy page. https://1517-academy.thinkific...

Dan also does a short, daily podcast on Church history, "The Christian History Almanac."

The promo video for this course: "Is America a Christian Nation?"

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