God's Unsearchable Greatness

Reading Time: 2 mins

In God's way of doing salvation, we see Jesus crucified and risen from death. We see in Jesus God's great mercy and the depths of our selfish sinfulness.

As soon as one thing is discovered, something new and unimagined that seems like the final word on some mystery we have long wondered about, another new discovery occurs rendering the former obsolete. It's always been this way for us. We want permanent answers to our questions, but there's always something new that proves the impermanence of our knowledge. This is especially true as we explore the depths of the seas or the infinite span of the universe. Ultimately, what we discover is our own frailty and limited ability to grasp the profundity of existence.

And yet, in faith, we also discover the infinite creativity and greatness of God. This will continue to happen to us until the Last Day. The closer we are to the end of our frailty and limitations, and the closer we are to living in everlasting glory with Jesus, the more our hearts will be filled with unending frustration about ourselves and at the same time, praise and thanks for the greatness of God.

Every generation in human history has claimed greatness for itself by the things it has done, but very few people recognize none of it could be done without the Lord providing us with the intellect and will to do it. This is why God speaks through the prophet Isaiah, "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways... For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts higher than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8-9)

The Lord God is beyond our comprehension, and His doings beyond our imagination to grasp. His creation of us and everything in the heavens and earth is all provided by Him in the way of gift for our use. Every day it seems there is some new discovery, a revelation to some baffling mystery. but it's all been there since the beginning of creation. We discover something new about our brain and body that God created in us. We document something brought up from the ocean's abyss or from the void of outer space, but God created it and it's always been there since the Lord created it.

The Lord God's unimaginable greatness is also shown in how He works out our salvation from sin, death, and Satan. In His Way of doing salvation, we see Jesus crucified and risen from death. We see in Jesus God's great mercy and the depths of our selfish sinfulness.

God sent His only-begotten Son to suffer and die a bloody death for us, to make payment so that His blood would cleanse us from all sin. Then, He raised Jesus from the dead, so that all for whom Christ died could also be raised from death. This is God's greatness that is higher than the heavens and deeper than the depths of the seas. This is the awesome and unsearchable greatness of God who reveals Himself as Almighty Creator and Beloved Father through Jesus Christ for us. The loving Father who includes us now in His unsearchable greatness.