Corporations promise us everything nowadays. "Once you buy this product you'll never need to go shopping for anything else." Corporations invest billions of dollars researching and testing ways to get our attention, ignite our imaginations, and convince us that what we crave is what we need most in life. But, is there anything we purchase and possess that we don't use up? Does anyone of the products we buy last forever?

Our material possessions are here one day then thrown into the trash the next day. Only God's mercy doesn't break, wear out, or need replacement parts. What God promises to us is an eternal oath. Like a cup full of water, so full it cannot hold another drop, the Lord's mercy is the same and always will be that way. As soon as we think we've drained the cup of His mercy, He fills it up to the brim again.

When the world was created and God's Spirit was hovering over the waters like a hen covering her chicks, the mercy of the Lord was there. When Noah witnessed the heavens open up and pour out the rain for forty days and nights, and water covered the earth, God's mercy was there. When the earth is devoured by fire on the Last Day, God's mercy will be there to keep us safe, never emptied, never used up.

God's Word promises that to us. As the prophet said, "The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever." (Isaiah 40:8) And, as Peter assures us, "the word of the Lord remains forever. And this word is the good news that was preached to you." (1 Peter 1:25) The heavens and the earth may pass away, but Jesus' promised mercy to us will never pass away.

We trust God's Word because Jesus never fails us. He is our daily comfort when struggles and afflictions find us. Corporations can promise us cures for whatever ails us, a more fulfilling life, and an end to chronic bad breath, but they cannot sell us lasting comfort, true peace in our hearts, and a secure future. Only God's eternal Word that was made flesh and blood for us can give that to us.

On the cross, Jesus earned for us God's mercy, that is the forgiveness of sin, new life, and eternal salvation. That is what we revel in and rejoice even in times of struggle. No matter what happens to us today or tomorrow or decades from now, God's promised mercy will never be depleted. Our salvation is secured in Christ Jesus.

Our life is in His hands. Through His word and work for us, we can trust in His full mercy. When the stress of life seems too much for us, and we feel like we're about to be overwhelmed, God's eternal Word will be present for us and strengthen us to resist temptation. God's Word is our strength and His mercy is our comfort. Jesus is there for us, never diminished, never tardy, never unmerciful. He is the full mercy of God who stands fast for us forever.