1. Forty-five seconds is about how long I have as a pastor leading a Sunday morning service to sit at the feet of the cross and receive Jesus’ body and blood given to me by the hands of another at the Lord’s Table.
  2. God will give you more than you can handle. But he doesn’t leave you alone. Not at all.
  3. Take away the communal aspect, take away the communal gathering around Christ’s body and blood, and the Christian will begin to suffer a malnutrition of faith.
  4. Why is it that wherever Jesus is, there is the party? Because to dine with Jesus is to be at one with Him, and He with us.
  5. Luther saw that God demands not that we become perfectly righteous like God but that we simply receive the gift of righteousness; a gift that actually makes us worthy.
  6. Jesus rejects what we believe is most necessary and instead points us to his pain, suffering, death, and self-sacrifice.
  7. When you walk into church on Sunday, you may not notice, but there are wounded soldiers sitting in every single pew.
  8. Caleb, Scott, and Rod go through the Christian Questions and Answers section of the Small Catechism.
  9. When it comes to the Book of Concord, there are really two types of people: those who read the contents and see a series of rap albums, and those who aren’t Flame.
  10. As we continue through the Small Catechism, Luther provides questions and answers about the Lord’s Supper.

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