1. This is an episode done in front of a live audience at the 2023 "Here We Still Stand" Conference in San Diego, California. Katie and Gretchen kick off a new series talking about prosperity gospel, and the way that it sneaks into our idea of families.
  2. This week, Gretchen and Katie talk about what it means to be humble, as opposed to feeling insecure in our vocations.
  3. Gretchen and Katie talk through a listener suggested topic of people pleasing. They talk about their own struggles in this area, and how people pleasing can be the opposite of vocation, or interfere with vocation.
  4. We are discussing the book "A Tumblin' Down" by Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. (Our September book club book)
  5. Gretchen Ronnevik and Katie Koplin discuss today the issue of pain in childbirth, and whether or not taking pain medication during childbirth effects your sanctification, or your moral standing.
  6. In this episode we have on one of Gretchen's closest friends who happens to be a foster mother.
  7. We are interviewing Austin Hanson, who teaches science to middle schoolers at West Central Public Schools. Picking up on our vocation series, we are wanting to talk with people in various vocations,(as we find them) to talk about how their faith impacts their work.
  8. Living In Hope
  9. Gretchen and Katie talk about what happens when we focus on our pietism in ways that often hurt our neighbors. How does this happen?
  10. Does it ever feel like you just can't be a good enough Christian, or do all the things you want to do?
  11. In this episode we continue our talk with author and therapist, Heidi Goehmann, about facing our emotions.
  12. What if you could have a conversation with someone who was theologically sound, a great communicator, and an experienced licensed therapist to talk about the emotions we struggle with, and what to do with them?

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