1. Does it ever feel like you just can't be a good enough Christian, or do all the things you want to do?
  2. In this episode we continue our talk with author and therapist, Heidi Goehmann, about facing our emotions.
  3. What if you could have a conversation with someone who was theologically sound, a great communicator, and an experienced licensed therapist to talk about the emotions we struggle with, and what to do with them?
  4. When it comes to the theology of the body, it's interesting to consider the fight against aging.
  5. Workshop on Rest and Renewal
  6. We continue our conversation with Nancy Guthrie and how life changing it can be to find Christ in the Old Testament--and not just in the prophecies. It's transformative, and as she would say, there's nothing more practical.
  7. In this episode, Gretchen and Katie talk about anticipating seasons in our lives, as well as looking back with nostalgia--for good or for bad.
  8. We are discussing "I can do all things through Christ" in context of the rest of the passage, and then we discuss the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac (rather... not sacrificing him) and whether or not Christians are called to sacrifice. Is that what this passage is talking about?
  9. Gretchen and Katie start to tackle out of context verses. These verses are commonly quoted, whether they are from signs, devotionals, motivational talks, or conversation, but without the context that makes sense of them.
  10. Christian community is often described as the activity and programs going on at the church. Many people will join a church for the sake of having a tight knit community. But what does Christian community mean?
  11. A one day conference exploring what it means to be alive and free in Christ.