1. Guest David Zahl talk with the preachers about his upcoming book!
  2. Get behind me bourgie theology! Pick up your cross and turn on your radio to Ringside Preachers. Talking about Rush Limbaugh’s legacy, shaking hands like a man and not a fish, and you-know-who: Jesus.
  3. Repent and believe the Good News! Everything is OK.
  4. Is it cooler to think there is a grand secret conspiracy based on human trafficking or that human trafficking happens far more often and far more normally than we are comfortable with? And how did we create a culture that produced Marilyn Manson and is simultaneously shocked and offended by him? Oh yeah, we are really all idiots incapable of running our own lives let alone the world!
  5. Get the latest news and most accurate scholarly assessments from a few preacher men. Or just sit back and enjoy your beer.
  6. How many presidents does it take to make us question our confidence in this country? No problem, Jesus will be back soon! Just listen to the preachers tell it like it is, and everything will be ok.
  7. Jesus is a real person talking to you and feeding you, which is beyond intellectual Christianity!
  8. Things are falling apart. Nothing new, just a different way. Jesus falls smack dab in the middle of all this shit!
  9. It's ok to remember those who gave their life for their country and not remind them that Jesus did something greater just so they don't get a big head. You can tell them the Good News however! Sins forgiven - for free!