1. Does believing in a sin nature, or that all our works have sin, lead to depression?
  2. This is part 2 of our conversation on no-contact relationships, and looking at how various relationships of Jacob's are reconciled, and the spectrum of what that looks like.
  3. This month, we discuss the book "The Soul of Shame" by Dr. Curt Thompson. It was a really fun conversation, and Katie called it her top read of the year.
  4. Do you feel bad when you're not very joyful? What do you do with grief that lingers? Can anger be righteous?
  5. Yes, Adam and Eve both participated in sin. This was a joint effort of the two genders of mankind. They are both sinners. But the first sin wasn't letting the serpent in the garden.
  6. Do any of you have one of “those” kids? Every family should have at least one. They humble you.