1. Ultimately, you are not your problems. You are not your weaknesses. You are not your sins. You are sanctified. You are the recipient of God’s abundant, forgiving, amazing grace.
  2. Should we sin because we are not under law? How do you talk about the law, the gospel and grace in light of the fact that we still sin?
  3. Paul sees an objection to the gospel he just laid out in chapter 5 coming and gets in front of it. Should we sin to increase grace?
  4. Paul describes the relationship between Adam/Sin and Jesus/righteousness. Why is a clean slate not enough?
  5. Daniel and Erick discuss the woman caught in adultery in a live recording from Tuscarora Conference Center.
  6. Over the last few weeks it’s been painful and disappointing to hear the stories of victims that have been abused and assaulted by powerful celebrities, executives, and politicians.
  7. The common knock against “grace people” (or to put it another way, “Christians”) is that preaching too much grace will encourage licentious living.
  8. Have you ever wondered, of all the adjectives we could use to describe this day why in the world we chose the word “good?” Yeah, me too.
  9. What he meant is that man is searching for something, but he knows not what. All of us do the same in some way or another. We reach out to find something that we think just might fix us, something that will fill the void that sin has created within.