1. Psalm 36 Kirsten Ford sings "From the Waters of Eden"
  2. This selection of Psalm 119 can be pretty confusing, seemingly arrogant and boastful. Chad explains all this and Colin Heinrich sings "The Narrow Way".
  3. In this first of 2 episodes on Psalm 106, Chad addresses the Psalms bleak descriptions of Israel's failures. Alex Mackey sings "My Hidden Sin"
  4. All creation groans under the weight of sin, greed, and despair. As we enter into the season of Lent we have good reasons for hope.
  5. Godly, upright in heart, righteous. Sinful, sorrowful, wasting away.
  6. Pain and suffering; it can feel like punishment from an angry God, and we try to figure out the cause, to our own frustration.
  7. Waiting on God can seem like slow motion torture sometimes.
  8. Is the serpent in Genesis 3 just a snake or Satan? Does the Hebrew refer to "the satan" or "Satan"? And does it make a difference? Let's take a look at the Old Testament, early Jewish literature, and the New Testament for the answers.
  9. There’s a delicious freedom to wrongdoing. It taps a primal desire within us for rebellion. We feel liberated, unshackled by demands to be this way, do this, avoid that. We become masters of our own destiny.
  10. It’s no wonder we’re so attached to images; we are one. We are human hyphens between the celestial and the terrestrial.
  11. Infamy allows us the opportunity to hone one of our favorite skills: to shrink a 343-page life story down to a single paragraph that narrates what happened on one day, at a certain hour, and in a certain location. We can whittle an entire biography down to a single Tweet.
  12. We tell our children if they work hard and play by the rules, they’ll succeed in life. Jerks, cheaters, and thieves won’t. They’ll end up in the gutter. Or jail. Or worse.

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