1. You who would be a law unto yourself, Christ is the gospel unto you, proclaiming you forgiven.
  2. Many Christians are worried—perhaps legitimately—that the state is a short step away from turning the Law of God into hate speech and silencing the legal preaching of God’s Word.
  3. Babies need to be baptized for the same reason that all Christians need to be absolved: All of us are born into and contribute to this sin-wrecked show of a life.
  4. I hear voices in my head accusing me, telling me these sins will be there on the Day of Judgment unless I make atonement.
  5. You can talk to me about how Jesus is really forgiving and how you want me around, but what happens when things don’t change in a month?
  6. I grew up with a great deal of guilt. It still keeps me up at night. For one reason or another, I was convinced I hadn’t done enough to be loved by God.