1. I’m A Loser, Baby, So Why Don’t You Resurrect Me? In this episode, we discuss the difference between our ideas of Jesus as a “winner” who gives us big wins in life versus Jesus, who wins by losing to sin, death, and the devil. We read Gerhard Forde’s article “Loser Takes All” and consider how we bend Jesus to our ideas of satisfaction, safety, and success.
  2. Are We Just Rats in a Maze? In this episode, we discuss grief, mourning, death, and hope while reading C.S. Lewis’s book, A Grief Observed.
  3. I’ve Got That Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in My Heart. In this episode, we discuss death, rebirth, and eternal life as examined and explained in The Joy of Eternal Life by Philip Nikolai.
  4. The proclamation of Christ's coming is for all people, at all times.
  5. The more we demand from Christ, the more of Himself He gives to us. When we demand a glass of grace, He gives us an ocean of Gospel.
  6. His consolation will accompany us in the midst of sickness and death. He will strengthen us, even strengthen us to carry the cross of old age.
  7. This is why a Christian must keep learning to forget himself so long as he lives.