1. Stories like Onoda’s offer an interesting parallel to our life in the Gospel.
  2. Here, we read the mystery and majesty of the incarnation of the Son of God wrapped up into a single package
  3. But there is something far more serious and important: being reconciled to our Father in Heaven.
  4. The only sea of tranquility that can unite God and man and bring brotherhood among us is found in the Word and sacraments.
  5. God lit within these ashes the fire of a promise: whoever they touched, that person became clean.
  6. Hers is not a beauty of breathtaking cathedrals, stained glass, or towering arches, but of a body.
  7. This old preacher, Zechariah, didn't abolish holiness. He spread it out. He pushed it beyond the boundaries of the temple.
  8. Israel’s priests were ordained with the blood of a sacrifice applied to their ear, their thumb, and their toe, for they were to hear God’s word, handle His holy things, and walk in His ways. But none was perfect, all were flawed.
  9. I started writing this article about a friend, her struggles through cancer, and the pain of an unfortunate and severe fall that landed her in a hospital, requiring months of rehabilitation.

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