1. Jesus’s touch of this leper is the touchstone of the gospel itself. It’s a living parable of his entire ministry.
  2. While you are busy working at being passive in your righteousness, let God sanctify you through some holy words spoken by unholy men.
  3. Miracles, for all their wonder and encouragement, rely on the dazzling of our senses to work. Because miracle-faith produces sensory-faith, it is of a poor quality.
  4. God Bless the pandemic! Unfortunately, no one is going to learn from it. The preachers tackle issues others are afraid to even speak out loud! This time - Aliens! Do they exist and if so, would you baptize one?
  5. Jesus’ miracle in this sermon, then, is a type of the compassion He has for your hearers. While they certainly have many physical needs, your hearers also (more fundamentally) need Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness.
  6. The stilling of the seas is not so much a parable of words but a parable of actions. Jesus shows his apostles that they were seeing but not perceiving, hearing but not understanding who he was.
  7. In short, the life of Christ is perfect justice and perfect grace on display.
  8. Her name meant “Rebel” or “Rebellion”. In a culture where your name was thought to reveal your whole character, either in a prophetic sense or as it was known and manifested, it was an interesting choice.
  9. Not afraid, Jesus decided to take a different mode of transportation across the rough waters—his feet.
  10. Our goal is to proclaim the genuine good news—that’s what “Gospel” means—of Christ’s forgiveness for you. We do not offer you better tips, techniques or checklists. Instead, You Are Forgiven is sermons by faithful pastors who will clearly show how you cannot be forgiven by your own efforts, no matter how well you do on your homework, your checklist of tasks. But they will also show how you are actually and already forgiven because Jesus has done all that is needed, for you!

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