1. The Church follows the admonition to “love your neighbor” because it is their identity in Christ Jesus.
  2. God does not just allow suffering; He sends it in order that He might strengthen and deliver us. And all of our suffering finds its meaning in the suffering of Christ Jesus.
  3. The “New David” will manifest the power of the LORD and will not set Himself in opposition as did the false shepherds.
  4. Obviously, the Day of the LORD looks frightening according to the words of Zephaniah the prophet. The question is: “For whom?”
  5. Because Israel has turned the eschatology of the Day of the LORD into “escapism” Amos turns that notion on its head in his prophecy.
  6. These words provide a very bleak picture of the future of Israel. Fortunately, the next chapters provide Gospel that is equally as clear and direct.
  7. Justification matters so deeply. It is a matter of life and death, Heaven and Hell. It must be preached that way. Especially today.
  8. The LORD is the God of Israel and, therefore, Israel can walk in His paths with holiness and righteousness because His holiness is with them and on them.
  9. Truly, God uses good and evil, believers and unbelievers, to accomplish His purposes.
  10. From mountain to mountain, from meal to meal the LORD God points us to His banquet, already prepared; the marriage feast of the Lamb in His Kingdom which shall have no end!
  11. The LORD is not yet finished with His vineyard.
  12. God desires that all men might be saved. The problem, the stumbling block, does not lie with God. The problem is one of man’s heart and spirit.

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